Closure Announcement

Closure Announcement

Dear Player:

Thanks for your long-time support and company for Lords Road. Unfortunately we would close the game servers in the comming days.We feel sorry that we cannot serve you in this game after that. You could continue your adventure until the last moment. Alsowe have prepared other wonderful game worlds and luxurious gifts for you.

1.  Luxurious Gifts Reward

No matter which game you chosewe will send you 500 diamonds in the beginning of the game. Besides, we will give the VIP player in Lords Road additional luxurious bonus based on the recharge records.Firstly, you will get 20% diamonds based on your total recharge amount. As you are recharging in the new gamewe will reward 120% of those diamonds to you weekly, that meansfor instanceyou will receive additional 120 diamonds with 100 diamonds recharging. This bonus will not end until the racharge amount reaches which in LordsRoad.


To claim these gifts, you should provide these information

1.Your server and character name in Lords Road.

2.Your new game, server and character name in the the new game.

We would send you the gifts as soon as possible.

You could contact with us through these ways below:

      1.Ticket system in official website of the game.

      2.Leave a message in the community on Facebook.

       3.Send e-mail to our game support


2.New Wounderful games for you

    1.World of Cannon: Recruit those great names from World Warand build your iron legion.

    The main character will clear everything on his/her way and retake what were lost by commanding an army of tanks. He/She will keep getting to know the famous commanders from the WW II, fighting with them against the evil power during the great battles, then leave a mark on the history book by creating a whole new world. Experience the famous battles of WW II for yourself, enjoy the well-known combat vehicles, and take advantage of them. It's a great game just for all the military lovers.


    2. Virus-T: Destroy Virus-T and survive in doomsday!

    With the outbreak of Virus-T, more and more people are getting infected and becoming zombies. To survive in a world imbued with violence and death, all you need to do is calling up the remaining survivors and fight against Virus-T. Here, you will found a wide variety of zombies and experience a brand new gameplay. It’s a fantastic game for all zombie fans, let’s just get it started now!


    3. Pirate World: Battleship themed RPG game that blow you away.

    This is an incredible fantasy ARPG combine SLG that will blow you away. The Great Pirate perfectly combines great role playing with intense action by using the very own intelligence to achieve victory, while not leaving out the fundamentals of any RPG games: highly customizable characters, skills, and much more! The world on ocean is full of infinite possibilities that allow players to write their own legacy exactly as they wish!


    Tnanks for your surpport to Lords Road once more. Just CLICK the image to join the new game. And we are waiting for you in these new fantastic world!